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We get it. You want your carpet cleaned. We're here to help. We are dedicated cleaning providers, we offer quality results. We pair years of experience with quality Equipment, we promise you we do not Up-SELL.or charge you a water disposal fee. We get it. You want a great job at a reasonable price. We're here to help. We have been a family business since 1981 We have 2 trucks to serve the communities from Port Moody to Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows to Langley What are you waiting for? Honest Respectful Service

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Port Coquitlam carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We understand, you have many choices when looking for a carpet cleaner, who do you trust, you can hire by price alone, or by referral, many choose to deal with corporate names, they feel as if there is a sense of security with a big name, at the end of the day, these big names hire cleaners for 12.00 per hr, do you honestly think they care about your carpets?  hire a family business, we care about our reputation, we want to be here for you year after year, You will always have the same people in your home, that has to be worth something. (1981-2017)

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is quite a bit different than carpet cleaning, different fabrics, different soil levels, more stains, Furniture is tedious and time consuming, we are on our knees and bent over, hard on the back, the cleaning tools have to be appropriate for the fabric, one tool does not work on all fabrics. Beading is tough to clean, blue jean dyes, color fast fabrics, one fabric is not the same as the next, a fabric cleaning person needs to know what he is doing, Cotton can stain with some cleaners, silk can wrinkle, dog oils need special cleaners. There is no substitution for experience. 

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