Our Incorporated Name is Only Way Services Ltd.

34 years of family service 

Thank you for taking the time to view our WEBSITE, we hope we can provide you all the information needed to make an informed decision. We provide Professional Residential and Commercial Carpet cleaning  in Port Coquitlam and surrounding area. If you are looking for a Carpet cleaner with 30 years experience, you have arrived at the right site, give us a call for a free estimate today.


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There are many carpet cleaning companies to choose from,  the difference between one and another vary depending on many things

Equipment, products,  training, heat capabilities, experience,  business experience,  suction, portable units, some have 100 psi and some have 200 psi, our portable units have 1200 psi, 500 is this is necessary for proper cleaning, 800-1000 psi for tile cleaning and deck cleaning.

anyone can buy a truck and through a machine in it and call themselves a professional carpet cleaner

We always say the difference between a great carpet cleaner and a good carpet cleaner is like the difference between a framing carpenter and a finishing carpenter, two completely different trades, and equally different people.

One can bang things together and build the framing of a home or shed, but a Finisher is  what sets you home apart from others.

When you have a Carpet Cleaner in your home, you want a finishing Carpet cleaner  WHY?

You want from the minute they walk in, to place runners on your hardwood or tile floors to protect them

You want them to place blankets around banisters to protect them, 

Place corner guards on every corner of your walls

High pressure brass fittings should have covers on them, as to not burn your carpet or scratch your floors,  

Clean edges of walls with a brush to remove dust, or clean with an edger

Clean  behind doors properly and hang hoses so they don't slide down staircases and rug wood or walls.

Proper stain removal product applied before cleaning, 

And of course when finished GROOM all rugs so they look new

Place dryers in rooms while cleaning to leave you a dryer carpet than ever before 

Last but not least, A finishing Carpet Cleaner never does COUPONS, these are done by beginners or companies using  them as lost leaders, low price to get in your home and then up-sell.

Quality cleaners never do this, and they don't have to, their reputation speaks for itself.

Ask questions, have them come out for a quote, meet the people that you may hire, maybe you don't want them in your home.

Your carpeted flooring is a large expense, do not think you can get quality for a coupon price.

If you have any questions please  call Beverly or Peter, we will be happy to help 604-457-1957 

Our Promise to you 

14 Steps to provide a good experience

  1. When we arrive we will go over what was discussed on the phone with you, and confirm our estimate, should there be any changes we will discuss before we start.
  2. Pre vacuum if needed.
  3. We will Pre Spot all stains if needed, we are not big on putting product onto the carpet if we feel they will come out with Steam cleaning, oil based stains will need to be attended to.
  4. We will go around all your walls with a fine brush to remove dust 
  5. We will Edge clean with a special  5 inch wand if needed
  6. We will decide if this carpet needs a wand cleaning or the Rotocvac 360i Spin tool
  7. We will place corner Guards on all walls where hoses are going to touch
  8. We will place Blankets on bannisters to protect them, and we will place long mats across your hard wood flooring as we enter your home.
  9. We will Place drying fans on your carpets as we clean to provide you with a dryer carpet than you have ever had before.
  10. We will Groom all your carpets when we finish so they look fantastic, 
  11. We will leave fans on some occasions if clients are moving in or it is late in the day, providing arrangements can be made to have them returned.
  12. We will provide special booties for clients who need to walk on carpets right away.
  13. You will be happy, our goal is to provide the best cleaning you have received. 
  14. We will never sell you scotch guard  or disinfectant while in your home unless there is an extreme dog  odour situation, this may require large amounts of Enzyme products, but we will discuss this with you.
We provide the very best truck mounted carpet cleaning in the following cities:

                                                      Office 604-457-1957 / Mobile : 778-829-4557 

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