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Port Coquitlam Carpet Cleaning  - Rates
We clean many different things around your home or Office space, below are a few of the most popular, if you have any questions please give us a ring.    

Our Rates For Residential Carpet Cleaning

This page is a guideline to our Carpet Cleaning Prices 
Our basic guideline is 30-35 cents a square foot for residential and between 25 cents and 30 for commercial, providing it is in reasonable condition, 

Residential  Average home
Please note, all pricing includes disinfection and deodorizers, no additional fees will be added.
We do not sell Scotch guard, we think it is an unnecessary cost.
Some of our acid treatments might incur a very small fee, these are used on red wine, coffee, tea and tannin stains, it is applied after cleaning if said stains were unable to be removed.
Our House Package Package is :
     Living room - Dining Room 1 Hall, 
    3 Bedrooms, and 1 flight of stairs                  $285-300

 Living Room/ Dining Room /Hall : $145.00
 This will include wall to wall cleaning, moving most furniture, some exceptions apply, i.e.: China cabinets, TV's
White Carpets in bad shape may have additional fees, please Ask 
Standard  room sizes
Liv/rm Din/Room/Hall 350 sq ft, 
Bedrooms 2 -10x12 
Master 12 x 15
Hallway  3 ft x 10 ft
13 stairs with or with out landing
Minimum Service call is $145.00, If we come out to clean, 1 room this applies, so we always ask you to prepare more than 1 room to receive more value for your money, It take an hour time slot to come out for a small area, so we have to have a $145 service call out. If you do not have another room, bring out your mats, and we will be happy to do them for you.
Town Homes Package -
3 Bedrooms on top floor with 1 hallway : $130-150

Add Stairs :  $55.00 - $65

Complete Town Home :  $285 -$300
Ldh / 3 bedrooms and 1 stair case

Add extra den : $20

White Rugs an additional fee of $25 on house Package 

Addition Rooms:
Bedrooms  10x 12 = $35.00
Larger than normal Master Bedrooms add $10-$20.00
Large en-suites add $15- $20.00
Large walk in closets add $20.00
Extra stair cases add $50.00
Rec rooms, 12 x 15 add $ 54

Rec rooms that consume your basement, 
equal in size to your Living room, dining room upstairs Add $100.00 or we will assess when we arrive
Tile Cleaning

Min Service Call $150

Shower walls -$85.00 - 100
Small bathroom Floors  $30.00-40.00
Large Bathroom Floors - $50.00 +

Floor pricing is $1. to $1.30 per sq. ft  

All floors must be vacuumed or swept before we arrive OR an additional 20.00 will be aded to your bill. this is especially true if we are cleaning your bathrooms, 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

25- 35 cents a Sq.Ft 
and must be viewed for accurate assessment  
Upholstery Cleaning

6ft chesterfield $130
5ft Loveseat $100
1 matching chair $50.00

Sectional couches 6ft & 5t L shape $230
Larger sectional Must view

Dining room chairs bottoms only $8-10.00
Dining room chairs bottom and back $15-20 ea

Bar stools $10-13 ea 

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