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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning provides an effective, hassle free solution to revitalize your floors.

The pores of your tiles and grout trap dirt that can cause your surfaces to look dark and dirty. They are often impossible to remove with traditional cleaning methods. 

Our tile cleaning systems will safely remove built up dirt and grime restoring your tiled and grouted surfaces to as like new condition, saving you valuable time and money.

Your Tile cleaning service will include:

  • A Pre-Inspection including a test clean of several tiles to determine the required tile cleaning solutions and likely results.

  • The tile and grout is pre-sprayed with the appropriate tile cleaning solutions and the grout is agitated with a grout brush.

  • The tiles are power-scrubbed to dislodge the dirt and grime.

  • Your tiles and grout will be rinsed at high pressure to lift and remove the soiling.

The unique tile and grout cleaning system preserves and revives all tiled and grouted surfaces including showers, bathrooms, and counter tops. Our qualified, highly trained technicians will treat your home as their own 

Tile cleaning Tri-Cities

We at Port Coquitlam Tile and grout cleaning cover the Tri -Cities. To make a booking or organize a quotation please call us at

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Vapor steam cleaning for tile and grout
Steam Vaporization Tile & Grout Cleaning
Here is another method of cleaning tile and grout without all the heavy bulky equipment. for high rises, condos, shower stalls and bath tubs,  we choose Vapour Steam cleaning,  At the 350 degrees you can be assured it is sanitized. 
residential tile cleaning port coquitlam

Tile Cleaning

Before you sell your home, Clean your tile and grout to maximize your sale, it will bring your floors back to life, and the buyer won't try to negotiate the flooring in the sale.

  A clean home is a healthy home!

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